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Dear stakeholders,

The global economy is primarily expected to grow steadily. In fact, international trade and economic policies are increasingly geared toward protectionism in some quarter of the world. These are among the many factors that could put a damper on global affairs. Because of that, all the companies should consider the sustainability of international trading to adapt ESG policies in each country.

The ESG theoretical can be explained as Environment, Society and Government factors in the company’s operation strategy. To manage and balance the relationship with employees, suppliers, customers and the communities where it operates or the company’s leadership, audits, internal controls and shareholders rights.

In response, we will take full advantage and opportunities of BIN Corporation Group’s unique capabilities, company assets to optimize and adapt its portfolio to the changing times. Every moment, our team is continuously asking our operation system which sectors to strengthen our presence and in which to apply our expertise to build up and expand the business core value.

Hence, we identify several key sustainability issues for management to address to ensure our sustained as a company. In the future, we are responsible for continuing to put more efforts on production and operation to drive our business forward to the benefit of all our stakeholders and providing our stockholders with a return on their investment.


Mr Jimmy Lee

Chef Executive Office

BIN Corporation Group

Mr Jimmy Lee's Signature