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Let's take a look back on the formation and development journey of BIN Corporation Group over the years.

BIN Corpartion Group continues expanding the market, participating in tourism and electronics, developing two brands: Travelner and Meliwa.
Joined in Online Banking and Online Financing.
Developed in new markets, complete service procedures.
Expanding the business in the field of Financial Services. We support merchants and individuals around Europe to drive down the cost of sending and spending overseas, to collect money from global customers, to move cash between international subsidiaries and to manage a company’s exposure to currency fluctuations.
Established the division of real estate development and management, focus on the fields: offices for rent, value-added services and shopping centers.
Expanded the scope of business internationally, with international partners in the fields of tourism, international business services and the like, such as Asia eTravel Limited, Galaxy One Pte. Ltd., One IBC Limited, DBC Holdings Limited.
Invested in online marketing segment, was the partner of Google and Microsoft.
Developed the technical segment, became Facebook's partner, upgraded to become senior and trusted partner of Google.
End of 2009
Involved in the advertising market as an accompanying service to develop the company.
Took the first step, operated the business as a company specializing in website design and hosting solutions.