[Shark Tank 5 episode 13] Shark Hung Anh has doubled investment for 2 startups with eco-friendly products.

31 Aug, 2022 (GMT+7)

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Episode 13 Shark Tank Vietnam attracts viewers with many unique business ideas of startups and thrilling deal closings from Sharks, especially Shark Le Hung Anh . This episode is about the Bh.nong brown rice brand with the inspiration of a girl who chooses to return hometown to start her own business and the startup Ecosoi that brings the technology of weaving pandan into garment fibers.

Founder of Bh.nong upland brown rice: "I'm not a fancy girl, I want to be a billionaire."

Opening the 13th episode of season 5 on Shark Tank Vietnam is Vo Thi Minh Nga. As the founder of the Bh.nong brand, a unit specializing in providing brown rice products with flavors from Quang Nam.

The founder came from Quang Nam and she decided to leave her hometown once to move to Saigon to find job opportunities. After nearly 10 years of studying and working in the journalism industry, pondering over her current choice, Minh Nga decided to return to her hometown to start a business.

“I only had two empty hands, at that time no one could believe that Bh.nong could live for more than 6 months. Up to now, I have proven that in any countryside, as long as young people have the energy, they can help their homeland develop,” said the female founder.

Coming to the Shark Tank program with the desire to improve the value of brown rice grains in his homeland, Minh Nga invited Sharks to invest 3 billion in exchange for 10% of the shares for three reasons.

Firstly, Bh.nong's brown rice products are developed by ethnic minorities in the mountainous area of ​​Quang Nam. The traditional method of growing rice seeds is complete without the use of fertilizers or any chemical drugs. This ensures clean green products reach consumers.

Second, the business model is shaped and developed in the form of production and then distributed to agents nationwide. Bh.nong's 2021 revenue is 10 billion. Sales forecast report that revenue will reach 14 billion in 2022. She affirmed that the brand is in the process of growth, so this is the right time for Sharks to invest in capital.

Third, this is a brand founded by herself. As a local has a good understanding of ethnic minority culture as well as mountainous climate factors, Minh Nga has taken advantage of and exploited it. make the most of this upland brown rice variety.

Bh.nong upland brown rice received fierce competition between Shark Hung Anh and Shark Lien by offering an offer of 3 billion VND for 10% of the shares. Shark Lien offered a price of 3 billion VND for 10% shares, Shark Hung Anh offered 5 billion VND in exchange for 20% shares. Also, Shark Hung Anh is committed to providing maximum support in the management and application of software technology to the production and distribution chain for start-ups. Finally, founder Minh Nga decided to choose an offer from fellow Quang Nam - Shark Hung Anh.

Shark Hung Anh closes a successful deal with Startup Minh Nga.

Shark Hung Anh closes a successful deal with Startup Minh Nga.

Startup Ecosoi turns pandan leaves into a garment material for the fashion industry and receives many hot deals

The second deal appearing in episode 13 of Shark Tank Vietnam is the startup Ecosoi of Founder & CEO Vu Thi Lieu. Ecosoi is a brand that has woven pandan leaves into textile fabrics used for the fashion industry. The female CEO allows the sharks to invest $100,000 in exchange for a 20% stake.

Founder Lieu said that Ecosoi has developed yarn separators, whipping machines, and carding machines with the main raw material being pandan leaves to produce raw and whipped yarn products. The company plans to have a product line of industrial yarns used as garment materials for the fashion industry in 2023. Expected revenue in 2022, 2023, and 2024 is 4.7 billion, 40 billion, and 71 billion VND.

After a convincing introduction, the Sharks expressed interest in this low-cost and eco-friendly cotton product line. Shark Hung Anh, Shark Hung, Shark Lien, and Shark Erik took turns asking Startup questions about the issues of the spinning process, production costs, and product prices.

Shark Hung Anh made the first offer of $ 100,000 to own 40% of the shares. Shark Lien and Shark Erik immediately made a competitive offer of $ 100,000 for 36% of the shares. Finally, the deal was closed at the last deal from Shark Hung Anh with $ 100,000 in exchange for 30% of the shares and the support to rebuild a more efficient and professional company model.

The handshake to close the successful deal with Startup Ecosoi.

The handshake to close the successful deal with Startup Ecosoi.

3 Start-ups +84, AMD Modular, and Hygie & Panacee Company Haven't Received The Shark Handshake

The third deal, Startup +84, by Founder Nguyen Trung Hieu. +84 is a chain of Vietnamese restaurants in the Korean market. After 6 years of operation, +84 has gained a certain position in the eyes of consumers along with a stable source of revenue throughout the epidemic season. With the mentioned advantages, Trung Hieu wants 15 billion for 100% of the shares. Hieu explained that because he had his path, he decided to sell the franchise. However, the acquisition of the +84 restaurant chain was because Startup could not guarantee a stable revenue source after transferring the brand.

Next is AMD - A model of building houses by modules with two founders, Nguyen Xuan Nam and Dung. Start-up introduces AMD as the construction solution of the future by applying 4.0 utility modularization technology to help shorten the time for housing construction. Xuan Nam called for 50 billion for a 10% stake. The company's sales are 60 billion, corresponding to nearly 20 orders in 2021. AMD's main customer segments are currently houses, homestays, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and resorts. Realizing that the company valuation is too high and the product business problem is not optimal, the Sharks decided not to invest.

Finally, there is Startup Hygie & Panacee with CEO Doan Thi Hong Tham. This is a unit specializing in producing herbal instant teas from Vietnamese agricultural products. Hong Tham introduces 3 main products of the company, such as lemon basil tea to relieve sore throat, ginger tea to help the digestive system, and prickly pear tea to help detoxify the liver. Revenue is about 1.7 billion in 2020 and 2.8 billion in 2021 with a profit of about 21%. The startup called for 5 billion VND for a 10% stake. The Sharks said this is not a product in their ecosystem, so they decided not to invest.

The Sharks are listening to the presentation of Startup Hygie & Panacee.

The Sharks are listening to the presentation of Startup Hygie & Panacee.

Only Shark Hung Anh is interested in the plan as well as the export potential of the instant tea brand, so he continuously reduced the deal to 5 billion for 25% of the share, but Startup still refused. In the end, the deal was not closed due to the inability to find a common voice between the caller and the investor.

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