Travelner uses digital technology to create a smart and sustainable tourism platform

In September 2021, Travelner Company (a subsidiary of BIN Corporation Group) officially launched Travelner, a travel mobile application for smartphones. It is a global travel booking platform that offers all-inclusive services to global consumers, including flight tickets, tours, and accommodation.

1. Travelner app - The Smarter and Easier travel solution

The demand for online connectivity and online tools to maintain economic, financial, political, cultural, and social activities is exploding over the world. The tourism industry is no exception.

As a result, participation in the digital transformation process and the application of technology to develop smart and sustainable tourism is an inevitable trend for travel companies to maintain and accelerate their growth. This is also the priority orientation of global tourism.

1.1. Introduce Travelner mobile application

Travelner app - The Smarter and Easier travel solution

As a smart app supplying global package travel solutions, the Travelner utilizes platform technology to give travelers an online travel network. Customers from around the world can easily and quickly book a trip with a full range of services, including air tickets, lodging, and tours with two criteria are high quality (from 3 to 5-star) and economical cost.

The travel mobile app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to assist users to find the most relevant search results. In a nutshell, the Travelner enables travelers to conveniently design entire travel plans on their smartphones utilizing a single platform rather than a variety of apps.

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1.2. What unique features does the Travelner application offer?

Running by the slogan "Travel Smarter and Easier", the advantage of Travelner app is that it caters to the individual needs of travelers by offering a variety of travel solutions. Users may get fast information on flights, tours, and accommodations by using an app's search function, and they can easily grasp the quality and cost of any sort of service clearly and transparently.

The Travelner app is also customized to improve the user's experience. A mobile app offers travelers handy vouchers and/or deals based on their needs and allows them to pay in flexible methods (online/offline).

What unique features does the Travelner application offer?

Travelner mobile app is also integrated with customer care for visas. A customer support hotline is available 24/7 and will provide all requirements on tourist visa procedures in the country that the user intends to visit. Users of this app will be supported to obtain visas within 24 hours (depending on the country) at an economical cost.

The below are some of the outstanding features that the Travelner app (version 1.0) makes available:

  • A modern platform that focuses entirely on user experience, optimization, and ease of use.
  • Fully integrated and diversified services in a unified platform
  • Heavy security (for customer and payment information ...)
  • Customer service hotline 24/7
  • Constantly updated with exclusive travel deals, promotions, discount codes, vouchers, coupons, etc.

Discover all the benefits of the Travelner app

With an integrated platform and exclusive travel offers available only on the Travelner app, planning a trip is faster, simpler, and more convenient than ever before. Travelner promises to bring users high-quality travel services at an affordable cost. This will serve as a platform for connecting and building a smart, reliable, and long-term tourism community in the future.

2. Travelner mobile app - Adapting reality to create a breakthrough in the 4.0 era

The Travelner exhibits a desire for globalization when targeting potential tourists in the

Europe, America, Australia, and Asia.

Travelner mobile app - Adapting reality to create a breakthrough in the 4.0 era

“The Travelner app will be officially launched and operated in three travel markets: the USA, Singapore, and Vietnam”, CEO Jimmy Lee, Chairman of BIN Corporation Group, shared. “Firstly, Travelner company will implement penetration strategies in these three potential markets, followed by a series of campaigns to spread the brand images through media channels; enhance brand awareness and grow new users through marketing campaigns, from online advertising to TVC, honor the national culture and identity.”

Users of the Travelner mobile application can get high-quality travel service at a reasonable price. Travelner is confident to provide services at the most competitive prices through price incentive strategies, such as exclusive offers only available on the app; flash sales on holidays and special occasions; seasonal discount codes; convenient vouchers, coupons, or deals for tours close to departure dates, and so on.

2.1. Travelner app - The key connects international online travel agencies and global customers

Travelner aims to become a global online travel agency loved and trusted by worldwide customers. Travelner’s goal is to create healthy, united, and friendly travel communities, by providing convenient, optimal, and economical travel solutions.

In addition, Travelner will implement strategies to build valuable and useful travel content and spread them to the travel community, including groups with a lot of travel experience and those with little experience. Above all, the travel mobile application will be the foundation for Travelner to build multi-ethnic, multi-regional, multi-lingual tourism communities, together to exchange and share the pride of tourism in their home.