CEO Jimmy Lee of Bin Corporation Group: "One IBC digital app is going to connect and serve worldwide customers."

Besides finding ways to overcome the difficulties of the Covid-19 pandemic, CEO Jimmy Lee of BIN Corporation Group is still constantly innovating to launch the One IBC Digital app. This app connects and serves global customers in the “century of digital technology”. Let's talk to CEO Jimmy Lee of BIN Corporation Group and listen to his sharing about the continuous intentions, and creative activities of an aspiring Vietnamese businessman.

BIN Corporation Group has entered the market for more than twelve years with ten major brands, providing many products and services for both domestic and foreign markets. BIN Corporation Group has faced many difficulties like other businesses since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out in early 2020. Some service segments developed well including tourism, online visa, immigration and naturalization, etc. have to stop operating. Fortunately, pre-incorporation & post-incorporation services operate stably and effectively during difficult times. Therefore, the leading brand, One IBC, becomes “the playmaker” and guides BIN Corporation Group to overcome all difficulties.

CEO Jimmy Lee of BIN Corporation Group

CEO Jimmy Lee of BIN Corporation Group

Please, Sir, which “wands” do support the effective business operations of One IBC?

The first “wand” is an online platform. With the advantage of One IBC’s specific industry, we provide services to a global customers’ network. Moreover, all business activities consisting of consulting, signing contracts, making payments, etc., proceed through technology and online. Honestly, it is unnecessary to meet face-to-face, although the number of One IBC’s customers and partners is large and spreads across countries and territories. Therefore, One IBC's business is less affected by the pandemic and restrictions such as social distancing and international travel controlling.

Secondly, One IBC maintains the number of customers opened by companies. Businesses maintain many activities, "nurturing" services such as accounting, auditing, renewing a company annually, etc. when a new company is established. To develop the services of the business, we have to work diligently every day. From that, we have a steady source of income.

The last one is that many worldwide companies are born every day despite still dealing with the pandemic in the new normal situation. Consequently, One IBC keeps a good growth momentum.

With the wide coverage of economic characteristics and legal policies of countries, do you have any specific strategies to promote One IBC to be stronger?

Currently, One IBC has 5 representative offices in Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Lithuania, and California (United States of America), operating methodically and professionally. Annually, One IBC is trusted by thousands of worldwide customers to choose products and services.

Formerly, One IBC developed horizontally. This means we find customers in the form of wide coverage. Latterly, we focus on depth, i.e. focus on spearheading each market, enter potential customer segments in key countries, and discover new growth opportunities. Communication and marketing activities will also be adjusted to the approach, targeting the needs of each country through its own identity and culture. In addition, we constantly improve technology and support the needs of establishing and managing activities for each customer.

One IBC is the main brand of BIN Corporation Group

One IBC is the main brand of BIN Corporation Group

Technology is an important condition in connecting border-to-border.

Dear CEO Jimmy Lee, "technology solution" is a vital linkage in the long-term development strategy of One IBC, isn't it?

That’s right. Not only One IBC but other brands of BIN Corporation Group will develop in that direction. In 2021, One IBC will improve the content and interface of the website in a friendly, useful, and attractive way.

In July 2021, we will launch the One IBC Digital app in 50 popular languages, on iOS and Android platforms. When downloading the One IBC Digital app, customers can easily manage all business-related issues on their smartphones. An app also provides complete information about 15 corporation services of One IBC. It allows customers to order, pay, transact directly and use all One IBC's services quickly and conveniently. The application also supports users to manage foreign business information registered with One IBC wherever.

Moreover, One IBC Digital app updates the financial and banking news about over 27 countries and territories. It has absolute security to minimize risks when using third-party platforms. Besides, an indispensable part is accumulating point policy to receive many valuable rewards and great incentives from the One IBC Club program.

On the occasion of the upcoming Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day (21st June) and on behalf of BIN Corporation Group, I would like to wish all journalists and the intellectual team good health and a "bright mind, crystal soul, sharp writing" in their honorable writing career. Furthermore, I hope journalists will always accompany our businesses in the economic development and national construction for the big aim of a powerful Vietnam.

Thanks for CEO Jimmy Lee’s sharing. Hopefully, the BIN Corporation Group will develop more and more day-by-day.

Besides One IBC, Travelner's travel service - belonging to BIN Corporation Group is also preparing many new plans for the global tourism and resort services segment. Specifically, BIN Corporation Group is about to launch the Travelner mobile app. This app is integrated "compactly" on smartphones. It helps customers easily search for services and ideal vacations, from airline tickets, hotels, tours, visas, etc.

Currently, Travelner has nearly 400 airline partners, over 12,000 hotel partners. Furthermore, Travelner is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Coming to Travelner, customers will have many attractive options with a lower cost for each service. Additionally, BIN Corporation Group is also associated with many reputable international banks, supporting a variety of payment methods for Debit, Credit, PayPal, etc. with a secure shield. Hopefully, the Covid-19 pandemic will soon be controlled so that everyone will have time to experience, relax, and enjoy ideal vacations.