Company that gives back to communities

Company that gives back to communities

When BIN Corporation Group shapes core values ​​and foundations, we also carry out the social responsibility that one should do.

We understand that a strong and long-term business always accompanies a healthy community and better-developed society day-to-day. To become a company that gives back to the community, we strive to put social benefits first in activities creating practical values ​​for the society.

Social security programmes toward the community.

Before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we carried out volunteering trips towards our dear people in Central Vietnam every year. We share some of the difficulties and help them overcome natural disasters, storms, and floods.

Besides, BIN Corp implements programs to support students who are far away from their hometown and have difficult circumstances. We keep supporting more scholarships to encourage their spirit of diligence, inquisitiveness, and striving for excellence.
During the period affected by the pandemic, we still try to maintain business operations and community activities to give strength to the people, and together help them overcome the difficulty.

In response to the spirit of "For a healthy Vietnam", we have implemented events to support essential food packages for those who are in difficulty.

Specifically, BIN Corp has donated more than 3,000 essential food packages to disadvantaged families, the elders, students, and compatriots in Central Vietnam living in HCMC.

Công tác chăm lo tinh thần, đời sống cho người lao động

Take care of the spirit and life for employees

We constantly care for the spiritual and material life of more than 250 employees.
- Pay full salary and bonus on time.
- Support essential food packages.
- Support Covid-19 vaccination.
- Organize and co-sponsor programs that spread positive attitudes such as "Sống đẹp" writing contest organized by Thanh Nien newspaper, company birthday celebration, employee birthdays celebration, etc.