Graphic Designer (videos team) / 2D ARTIST

  • Closing DateClosing Date: 20 Jul, 2024
  • Office Location Office Location: Vietnam Office


  • Target: 2
  • Form: Official staff.
  • Type: Full-time.
  • Gender: Male/Female.
  • Age: 22-35.


  • Competitive salary based on ability.
  • 13th month salary according to state regulations.
  • Tet bonus according to seniority and capacity.
  • Bonus 10% salary on public holidays 30/4, 2/9, 1/1.
  • Allowance according to labor law (Children's New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, Wedding, Maternity).
  • Bonus by project depending on business situation and revenue (if any).
  • Organize monthly birthday parties for employees.
  • Health insurance, social insurance.
  • Young, friendly and creative working environment.
  • Support professional and technical training during the probationary period.
  • Have time to learn new requirements of the profession.
  • Participating in e-commerce projects in many different fields.
  • Have the opportunity to interact with new IT infrastructure.
  • Have the opportunity to learn more about Digital Marketing.


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Tag skills: 2D Artist, AI

  • In charge of the work related to the character, background 2D.
  • Sketch the idea before going to the computer.
  • Participating in 2D Animation Video projects
  • Motion design, character expression.
  • In charge of the work related to the character, background 2D.
  • Sketch the idea before going to the computer.
  • Participating in 2D Animation Video projects in the fields of: Business, Online Marketing, Tourism.
  • Motion design, character expression.
  • Brandstorming with Marketing
  • Storyboarding for video and notes an animation for advertising videos
  • Support ideas for animation
  • Provide files for animation
  • Find a creative ideas (trends style) for videos


  • Good hand-drawing skills, good character and background drawing.
  • Proficient in Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • The ability to capture and execute good ideas.
  • Knowledge of fine art: composition, color.
  • Good teamwork skills.
  • Having a good aesthetic eye in advertising videos, brand recognition, advertising style.
  • Have good ideas and visualizations in animation.


  • At least 1 year experience.
  • Graduated in graphic arts and fine arts.
  • Experience in 2D games is an advantage.
  • Know more about AfterEffect , Premiere
  • Proficiency with required desktop publishing tools, including Photoshop and Illustrator
  • A strong eye in TVC, style ads ,branding
  • Good at motion ideas
  • Support file and ideas for animation
  • Good at hand-drawing, 3D , Premiere , After Effect is a plus.
  • Knowledge in motion graphics.
  • English skill: ELEMENTARY above


  • Curriculum vitae
  • Diplomas and certificates in related fields.
  • Profile presentation language: Any
  • (Candidates please write your contact address and phone number clearly in your application)
  • Working time: Office hours (8h - 12h00 / 13h00 - 17h00)


Recruitment process

Đăng kí ứng tuyển

Register to apply

Tiếp nhận và sàng lọc hồ sơ

Receipt and screening of applications

Phỏng vấn


Thông báo kết quả

Result announcement

Thử việc 2 tháng

2 months probation

Chính thức tuyển dụng

Officially recruited