[Shark Tank 5 final episode] Shark Hung Anh awarded a golden ticket to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of the 17 years old startup

06 Sep, 2022 (GMT+7)

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The last episode of Shark Tank season 5 ended with 3 successful deals. Besides sincere advice and valuable golden tickets for young startups, Shark Hung Anh successfully closed the last deal of Shark Tank season 5.

Products with high humanistic value, startup conquers 3 Sharks

Opening the last episode of season 5 of Shark Tank are Nguyen Hoan Le Vy and Nguyen Hoan Trieu Vy, two founders of Jaros Candle who specialize in manufacturing and supplying natural scented candle products.

Startup shared candles not only to bring light, but the candle flame also lights up our faith and hope. The light of the candle is pure with a soothing aroma to help bring a feeling of relaxation and peace of mind. This is the human value that Le Vy wants to convey to the program today.

The sisters started their business mid-2021 by producing and founding the Jaros Candle brand during the pandemic. Profits mainly come from online business activities and the distribution of retail agents. The revenue for six months of 2022 is 600 million VND and on average each month receives processing requests with 500 orders.

With the desire to upgrade production equipment, earn more human resources, and open a showroom in Vinh Long, Le Vy called on Sharks to invest 200 million VND for a 20% stake.

Empathizing with young startup, Shark Lien and Shark Hung Anh respectively gave Golden Tickets (100 million VND) to support them.

In the end, startup agreed to Shark Lien's offer of 200 million for 30% of the shares along with the companions of Shark Lien, Shark Erik, and Shark Hung Anh.

Shark Lien, Shark Hung Anh & Shark Erik are jointly invested in Jaros Candle.

Shark Lien, Shark Hung Anh & Shark Erik are jointly invested in Jaros Candle.

Vietnamese mental health care game, startup receives Golden Ticket rain

The next deal appearing in this episode is Hai Nhat Tan Island - the founder and operator of Seesaw Vietnam Co., Ltd - an enterprise specializing in research, development, and distribution of mental care products.

Nhat Tan shared: “For each different soul, each story, we will plant a different pot of plants. I believe that each of us will have a very interesting piece in our soul that we have not discovered before or have not had the time, but we don’t know how to take care of it regularly. With that belief, the Seesaw company was born with the same purpose of researching and developing daily mental health care toys.

Seesaw was established at the end of 2021 with a charter capital of VND 100 million. After 7 months of business, the company has paid back its capital after the first 2 months and the current revenue is 200 million VND. Startup wishes to have more capital to diversify many forms of mental care as well as contribute to improving the psychology industry in Vietnam, so she has called for investment with a capital of 1.5 billion VND for 25% of shares.

Shark Hung Anh appreciates this project very highly because it brings humanity value to the community by encouraging and healing psychological wounds for many people. However, he decided not to invest because he thought that Nhat Tan should complete his studies before starting a business.

However, despite deciding to withdraw from the deal, Shark Hung Anh still gave a Golden Ticket worth 150 million VND to the Startup with the words: "I will not invest while you are still in school. But I will support you to do this project.”

After exchanging for a while with the Sharks, Nhat Tan also received two more 100 million Golden Tickets from Shark Lien and Shark Erik. The deal officially closed with an offer of VND 2 billion for 30% of shares from Shark Lien and Shark Erik.

Shark Hung Anh discussed about Seesaw deal.

Shark Hung Anh discussed about Seesaw deal.

Shark Hung Anh closes the last deal of Shark Tank season 5

Nguyen The Hung and Pham Duc Tien from VINADES company - part of the Bidding ecosystem are the units that help solve all the problems of settlement in the bidding and supply for businesses.

Duc Tien said that by using this ecosystem, businesses could limit the risks in selecting suppliers throughout the B2B procurement process. He added more data from 2018 till now, the ecosystem has been applied by more than 40,000 suppliers and has more than 2000 businesses using and paying fees from 7 million to 103 million a year. Therefore, The Hung asked to invest in cooperation with an offer of VND 6 billion for 5% of the shares and a maximum of 20% of the shares.

The startup intends to use the investment money for communication and marketing activities to prepare for the launch of a new product line. However, his intentions were not enough to convince Shark Hung and Shark Erik to invest, so all three Sharks decided to withdraw from the deal.

Only Shark Hung Anh and Shark Binh remained to negotiate with The Hung. Shark Hung Anh offers 6 billion for 12% of the shares. Shark Binh offers 10 billion for 20% shares. After a while of negotiation, the two startups decided to give Shark Hung Anh a deal of 6 billion for 10%.

Shark Tank Vietnam season 5 has ended with Shark Hung Anh successfully closing deal.

Shark Tank Vietnam season 5 has ended with Shark Hung Anh successfully closing deal.

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