November Birthday Party and 8th Anniversary of BIN Holdings

A warm birthday party was held on Thursday afternoon for those employees born in November. It’s very special as that day was the 8th anniversary of founding BIN Holdings either. 

BINHoldings_Birthday 11_5 employees

There were 5 very-important-persons came on the stage, firstly. Then the founder of company, Mr. Hung Anh, came and had a short talk about BIN’s history. 

BINHoldings_Birthday 11_Talk about company

Nearly one decade passed but here they are, those people with strong spirit, great expert and full of enthusiasm make company grow more and more. 

BINHoldings_Birthday 11_Start up

5 employees took part in a game named “Guess what?” and tried their best to win the big reward. 

BINHoldings_Birthday 11_Game

Finally they had to play lucky draw to answer one question and decided who the winner was. 

BINHoldings_Birthday 11_Answer question

After that, new employees would introduce themselves before all of the people. 

BINHoldings_Birthday 11_New employees

At last, everyone had some snacks and cakes before getting back to work. 

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