BIN HOLDINGS celebrates September Birthday for employees

On Sep 15, 2017, at the hall of the company, the board of leaders, union executive and all BIN HOLDINGS employees attended a birthday party for individuals whose date of birth was in September.

september birthday

Six members who had birthday exchanged good wishes and blowing candles in the cheerful congratulations of everyone.

members who have birthday in Sep

The game named “Tam sao that ban” was the part that created the exalted atmosphere, make everyone become more into the party.

The prize belonged to the team who can guess more witty quotes from The Organizers.

first prize

The whole company welcomed new members in September and enjoyed the light party as the last part of the show.

new members in Sep

Taking care of the material and spiritual life of employees is in the concern of the company's leaders, the monthly birthday celebration is maintained monthly contributing to the corporate culture at BIN HOLDINGS.