BIN Corporation Group is the impression business metastasis of BIN Holdings Ltd

Over 10 years of build-up and development in the full range of global services, at the very first time, BIN Corporation Group asked for permission to write out our successful business story over a decade. To be more detail, BIN Corporation Group, which is the pioneer, is the BIN Holdings Ltd, the company founded with the ambition to become the leading company in global provider services around the world.

BIN Corporation Group is the impression business metastasis of BIN Holdings Ltd

The tremendous business journey of BIN Holdings Ltd

BIN Holdings Ltd is the company specializing in website design and hosting services in early 2009. When we took the first step to turn into the advertising market under the brand name is BIN Media and become the trust and valued partner of Facebook, Google and Microsoft since 2010.

After five years of development, BIN Holdings once again expanded the range of services, as a result we design to jump up to the international market and corporation with global partners in the different fields of services. Together with that, One IBC Limited and Global Immigration Group Services (GIS) were founded to satisfy the demand of customers on the incorporation provider services and immigration,global investment alternatively.

Never stopping here, throughout the year of build-up and completion of operation systems, we comprehensively understand the essentials of the transaction process in the commercial market. In fact, in 2017, we were proud to gain the license for DSBC Financial Europe from the Central Bank of Lithuania. DSBC Financial Europe was officially launched to support our merchant account and individual customers make the transaction overseas and manage a company’s exposure to currency fluctuations.

Continually, in 2018, the first time publicly on the global market the comprehensive payment solutions under the brand name of PayCEC, the electronic payment solutions suitable for every individual customer or merchant account worldwide regardless of your industries.

After the decade, BIN Holdings the first time in our business journey to transfer our brand name to BIN Corporation Group, with the ambition to become a multinational company and continuously looking forward on the paths to expand more range of eco-business systems.

BIN Corporation Group and the sustainable development gold.

In our impression story, BIN Corporation Group with an intricate heart, we understand that the development of our customers is the foundation for the sustainable development of our corporation.

At the BIN Corporation Group, our colleague is always passionate about learning from partners, friends and customers. Hence, we focus on making an effort to learn and improve on operations according to the criteria of international business to match the development trend of the times.

With our win-win business strategy, BIN Corporation Group continues the company culture and value of BIN Holding Ltd to draw out and construct our sustainable management system. The workplace our team can promote their ability, physical, self-leadership and responsibility skills. With investors and community, BIN Corporation Group with clear policies to build trust and increase the value to our shareholders.

And last but not least, BIN Corporation Group truly believes that customers have an essential role in our success story. Therefore, our priority is not only to create satisfaction of services but also help customers orient, plan, exploit, and enhance the position of the enterprise to customers.

Together with BIN Corporation Group and our subsidiaries companies, we are committed and believe that we continue to bring our customers the best quality service and great experience when using the services of BIN Corporation Group.

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