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July birthday at BIN HOLDINGS

Jul 21, 2017 | 08:50 (GMT+7)

In July, on behalf of the board of directors and all BIN HOLDINGS employees, Mr. Le Hung Anh presented the gifts and sent good wishes to the members who have a birthday in this month.

July birthday cake

With the motto "focus on human development, respect for talent and personality", The monthly birthday has shown the special attention of the Board of Directors to encourage, motivate. And express the thanks for the contributions of individuals to the development of the company.

The first prize
The first prize

The second prize
The second prize

Besides, the birthday party also makes sense to create a comfortable space for the employees in the company to exchange and strengthen their relationship.

members with birthday in July
Members who have birthday in July

The party took place in an excited and joyful atmosphere with the game called "Shape-making" under the guidance of Mrs. Pham Thi Kim Anh - representative of the Organizer. Let take a look back on the memorable pictures and moments of humor in this party.


In the end, new members introduced themselves, sent greetings to the whole company. Together, all member spent time chatting and enjoying the light party that the Organizers have prepared.

July's new members
July's new members

The July birthday party ended with the good feelings of a great family, solidarity, and respect for the dedication of employees. This is a great source of motivation so that each individual in the company always strives to bring their best capacity, together contribute to building a growing BIN HOLDINGS.

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