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Corporation Mission Statement

We appear as the young business enterprise in the Vietnam market and many oversea countries around the world. The board of directors of BIN Corporation Group has not stopped to learn and complete the management apparatus, which aim to adapt the company culture with the society perceptual in each market area. Beside that, we fully acknowledge that the comprehensive sustainability strategy could contribute to our business formation and attempt the company core value in the business strategy and visibility in the future.

In accordance with the spirit of the Corporation Creed of “Commitment, Integrity, Passion, Teamwork”, BIN Corporation Group is proudly committed to social, employees and economic development and safeguarding the global environment by conducting fair and upright corporate activities.

Our Board of directors vision and mission clearly expresses our views on sustainability. To us, sustainability means proactively engaging in company core value, people and social issues and challenges, delivering solutions through acknowledgement, innovation, contribution and living the corporate sustainability management philosophy.

Corporation Mission Statement

Our Sustainability Commitment

Making sustainable development a priority

We're working to ensure our corporate and social responsibility commitment has a positive impact on
employees, stakeholders, investors, customers and communities.

Society and the world economy are dramatically transformations, no single actor can solve out of control risk that directly impacts the asset and financial of the company.

We are the representative for the enterprise and entrepreneur generation of the world. We acknowledge the essential of every single person on the success of our corporation within the past 10 years.

We understand that the following international company core values such as employee training program, transparency process and value assets with investors and partners will create many opportunities and manage risk.

1. Work sustainability

Support our employees and customers navigating the impact of the changing working environment.

2. Responsible investor

Our responsibility with our global investor is doing right and doing good. Managing our assets in a way that creates sustainable value for all stakeholders.

3. Confidence in digital society

Making people, employees and our partners more resilient by enabling and inspiring confidence in digital society.

4. Social contributions

The social programs are part of the employee engagement program. To ensure our people practice their ethical and maintain our corporate society values.

1. Building and developing a sustainable operation system. And managing our exposure to sustainability risk.

2. Organize the and integrity, ethical and public system to all stakeholder. And putting the stakeholder value at the first stage.

3. Develop clear positions on sustainability issues and stand up for what is right

4. Our BOD team has a clear vision of what we need to do for communities. Planning the voluntary campaign and appealing to a donation from all employees.