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Respecting and Promoting Human Rights

Caring for the people who work for and with BIN Corporation Group is deeply rooted within our values as a family company.

We are respecting the human rights of every single person in our company. And the communities where we operate is and has always been at our core.

BIN Corporation Group HR Ecosystem.

At BIN Corporation Group, we understand that people are the key factors deciding the success and sustainability of the business. We respect and create the best conditions to develop staff ability, improve physical and mental well-being.

In order to achieve this, BIN Corporation Group HR Department is proposing and implementing various policies and measures such that we can strongly align our HR management strategy and HR systems, construct policies and programs to develop diverse human capital and create a cohesive environment that goes beyond the boundaries of companies and organizations.

  • Building a friendly & creative working environment where staff can maximize their potential ability.
  • Focus on building, bringing staff together to the company development.
  • Respecting, enhancing equality in examining the capacity, creating opportunities for promotion at work.
  • Building, searching, creating conditions for the staff to participate in intensive training courses to enhance their professional capacity, strengthen their soft skills.
  • Organizing healthy entertainment programs such as: annual tour, staff’s monthly birthday, International Women’s Day – March 8, mini football tournament for men and so forth.
  • Visiting, supporting and helping staff' families who are in difficulty, lonely,...
BIN Corporation Group HR Ecosystem

BIN Corporation Group HR Strategy

The expert HR team from BIN Corporation Group is always planning out the strategy and clear company direction on the process to

build the company culture, working environment where all employees of BIN Corporation Group and subsidiaries together create

the sustainable ecosystem. Hence we could be involved in creating new value as part of the “Global cross value platform”.

Strategy 1

Strategy 1:

Human Capital is the foundation of the company core value

  • Creating new people value
  • Investing in human capital training programs each year.
BIN Corporation Group HR Strategy Strategy 3

Strategy 3:

Diversity and corporate cultures.

  • Respect for diversity values.
  • Ensure the right HR services delivery model.
  • Measure the impact of HR products and services.
Strategy 2

Strategy 2:

Culture and design for an individual’s development

  • Working place environments for pushing the motivation to human resources.
  • Opening innovation and bringing together internal and external ideas.