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Director Assistance

Closing Date Closing Date: September 22, 2021
Office Location Office Location: Vietnam

Job Description

1. Support and tracking task for each department on One IBC to report the situation for Director, including each department:

  • Server consulting: Daily report about new customers and revenue.
  • Execution services.
  • Renew services.
  • Report the accountant/ financial/ auditing
  • Marketing
  • Following the marketing campaign timelines, performance, and quality.
  • The new information in the different markets (15 countries, 3-5 services per country).

2. Tracking the report, discover the unusual situation of each department:

  • Report and find a solution.
  • Making self decisions in the allowance power, ability or following the Director's guide while unusual situations happen.

3. Coordinating task, corporate to complete the task assigned by the director/ board of director of each department or related office.

  • Vietnam
  • Office: Singapore, Hong Kong

4. Doing the incurred task following the internal requests.

  • The produced document/ renew the business document of the country it operates.
  • The internal task in each representative office overseas.
  • The working conditions for employees in Vietnam as well as offices overseas. Following the internal rule.
  • Report the business activities for the board of directors about business objectives under the guidance of the director.

5. Collaborating to deal with issues that related many departments with customers, partners.

  • Whether the specialized department has handled customer complaints have not been resolved yet.
  • The usual issue with supplies, partners. That requests the collaboration of many people and related departments.
  • Negotiation with partners/ suppliers about the corporation policy.

6. The incurred task belongs to handling ability or under the guidance of directors.

Job Requirements:

  • Good English communication skill to work on internal, customer vs supplier.
  • Read and understand the working process and comply with the rule in different countries.
  • Ability to work with many other people in internal and external companies.
  • Good in documentation, math and data collection.
  • Good critical thinking skill, ability to lead to subjective opinions when making plans with directors.

Office Address:

  • Working time: Money to Saturday (8h - 17h). Lunch time: 12h - 1h.
  • Address: 153 Tran Trong Cung, Tan Thuan Dong ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.


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