Consolidate and expand the system of high-quality human resources

Consolidate and expand the system of high-quality human resources

We understand that a stable, solid, and professional human resources base has shaped the current development of BIN Corporation Group.

Therefore, to reach the next level, BIN Corp strives to consolidate, expand the number of employees and improve their quality with sustainable human resources strategies.

Strategy 1:

- Build and develop professional experts in key fields.

Strategy 2:

- Create a working environment with these criteria: professional, modern, dynamic, creative, humane.
- Connect teams through mass and community activities.
- Ensure that the recruitment process is fair, streamlined, and efficient for all applicants.
- Ensure stable income and good benefits for employees.

Strategy 3:

- Organize training programs to improve professional capacity and soft skills.

IT specialists are the core team of BIN Corp

The technology platform is one of the strengths of BIN Corporation Group. It is a variable that often changes according to market trends and customer needs. Therefore, we must constantly update new technical knowledge and apply it to products/services.

In doing that, Vietnamese experts and specialists are the core factor.

BIN Corp uses Vietnamese labor to create prestigious products/services, formed from the hands and wisdom of Vietnamese. Accordingly, it becomes the preeminent solution to support and meet the needs of global customers.

IT specialists are the core team of BIN Corp
Guarantee both quality and quantity

Guarantee both quality and quantity

At the first stage, BIN Corporation Group is oriented to build a methodical human resources strategy: to ensure the prerequisite high-quality and later scaling up to a rich quantity.

Initially, we have built a skilled IT team with specific expertise in the niche of the IT industry. When quality is guaranteed, we expand on quantity.

Up to now, the HR orientation of BIN Corp is to recruit fresh graduates who are qualified, enthusiastic, and able to adapt to the job. We train them to become high-quality personnel. At the same time, we continue to train associates to become top experts in the industry.